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Part one of a nine part series

Have you ever wondered why you keep repeating the same issues in your life over and over again, or you find yourself capped at a certain level of achievement, or success that prevents you from fulfilling the highest potential of your PURPOSE for being here on Earth.

Many of the answers to WHY this capping happens to you can be found in the function and form of your chakras or energy centres.  When you inner-stand how your chakras interact with your actual physiology and create the interface between the energetic world and the physical world you can begin to actually change how they are metabolising the energy from ‘the field’ into your own hologram.

When you can consciously change the way your chakras are integrating this energy into your physiology, suddenly this puts you in control of your life path, it gives dominion over your responses and allows you to move past the parental, ancestral, and cultural programming and imprinting you received as part of your experience growing up.

As long as you are not consciously aware of HOW your chakras are behaving, you are always going to be catching up with your unconscious reactions to external stimuli that still trigger reactions in your chakras.

So let’s explore first up the energetic – physical interface and inner-stand why this is critical to changing and shaping your reality.  The first thing to realise is that all things in the physical world are built from templates held in the energetic.  These templates for your life are held in place through the programming language of this time-space matrix: SOUND – VIBRATION – LIGHT.

These constructs or building blocks go on to create form and geometry, colour and wavelength.  These are the information providers that integrate with your own energetic anatomy to build out your experience in the world.

Now ‘The Field’ is constantly sending information in the form of particles of light intelligence around us all the time.  Caught up in this intelligence are the form holding templates that your entire hologram is processing on a constant basis.  Your chakras formulate the energetic intake organs for this information and light intelligence.

Ideally, your chakras create a clockwise rotational spin to accrete this incoming light intelligence and spiral it down the chakra which is shaped like a funnel (picture a traffic cone) with the tip inserting into your vertical power column which runs through your spine and into the corresponding endocrine gland.


Each chakra will send energy into that endocrine gland and this is the energetic – physical interface that takes place in your physiology.  This energy once processed through the endocrine gland is distributed through your body via your meridian and nadi network.  The meridians are the highways of energetic flow through your system while the nadi’s are like the small back country lanes allowing access through your entire system.

Now your chakras from moment to moment have varying amounts of flow through them according to how you are processing the information presenting in “The Field’ around you and / or the patterns established due to the psychological, emotional, energetic, and spiritual programming that took place in your formative years.

This is important to realise because your chakras adjust the amount of light they are accreting into your cells and personal hologram according to your past, and what is here now.  Thus depending what is playing out your chakras can increase or decrease the amount of energetic flow into your system, they can become tangled and unstructured meaning they won’t spin and hold energy properly, they can have clouds, and mucus which increases the density of the chakras, thus slowing down the pulsation rates of the particles meaning your vibration starts to decrease.  You can have cords attached into the chakras from other people or beings syphoning the life force and energy from you.

You can have an entity, discarnate or demon hosted as a portal into your hologram through a particular chakra further syphoning energy from your hologram. If you have any of these issues playing out in any of your chakras this will undoubtedly be CAPPING YOUR POTENTIAL.

Thus having CLEAR, CHARGED, BALANCED chakras is important to ensure your hologram is operating at optimum. In the acceleration of your personal development, and to enhance the unfolding of your life path and PURPOSE focusing on developing the energetic strength, form and function of your chakras is a highly intelligent personal directive to ensure you are playing out at your full potential.

In the coming days I’ll share with you the psychological function of each chakra, the important years when the imprinting and development of these are formulated, and what the key lessons are for your life with each chakra and what you can do to enhance their function on a daily basis to actually start your day CLEAR, CHARGED, BALANCED to ensure you are operating at your highest potentials.

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Why Your Chakras are Capping Your Potential