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Part two of a nine part series

In this article series we are exploring the chakras as a way of uncovering why you maybe behaving in ways that are limiting your potential.

In the last blog post you hopefully understand how your chakras function and the critical role they play in having your personal hologram accrete energy and light from the zero point field. Let’s turn our attention to issues that are held in specific chakras starting with the first or root chakra and how these play out in your life.

The first chakra which points down towards the Earth and when functioning correctly will metabolise energy from the Earth and allows you to connect into the Schumann resonance which is the Earth’s pulse. The psychological role of this chakra is all about feeling SAFE, and ensuring your SURVIVAL physically; it’s all about self-preservation.

When this chakra does not metabolise energy suitably, this ensures there is not enough energetic feed coming from the Earth into your system. Thus you are always going to be on high alert, never feeling truly connected to either being in your body or safe here on Earth.

This includes not feeling safe in the unknown future. You can tell if this is playing out in your life when you are worried about the future, projecting lots of ‘what if’s’ with negative scenario’s playing out in your mind. This scenario creates an issue when these negative ‘what if’s’ end up freezing your actions and you do not follow through on plans that are aligned with your highest potential because they are taking you out of your comfort zone.

Being out of your comfort zone can trigger any unmet needs or deficiency in the first chakra which were developed in the first chakra in the womb, and in the first year of life. If during this period of development there was anger, aggression, or a general lack of harmony in your family environment this chakra will not develop to be strong and stable.

In the Western world, the way baby’s are met and integrated into the world also naturally creates distortion in the first chakra. For example in the modern medical world, one of the first things that happen when a new baby is born is that the umbilical cord is cut, severing the physical and energetic connection to the placenta.

This immediately creates a major wounding of separation, abandonment and isolation.Consider that the only companion you as a baby had in that time was the placenta and to have this forcibly removed at birth creates a major shock and trauma and creates imprinting on the first chakra perception of safety and survival.

Then very early on babies are separated from their parents for periods both during the day and night. In the western world, it is a relatively common practice for parents to put their baby in a different bed or room, further separating the baby from the only physical and energetic container the baby knows. This practice heightens’s first chakra distortion which plays out as an egoic deficiency later in life.

(If you would like to explore a style of parenting that will enhance the psychological functioning of the first chakra check out attachment parenting, in particular, any books or writing by the Sear’s family (

Thus as you can see even though we may indeed come from loving parent’s just the parenting culture of the western world can create issues in the healthy development of the first chakra. Now add conflict and drama into the equation during a baby’s development then you have consequences later in life regarding not feeling truly safe in the body, in the world, or in an unknown future.

This developmental process creates a pattern of fear and prevents the baby having emerged into adulthood with a deficiency need of safety and survival not established. This creates’s a fear based belief that the world is not a safe place, and all interactions in adulthood will be through this lens of ‘I am not safe.’ The ‘I am not safe belief significantly limits the likely hood of healthy risk taking in pursuing one’s personal growth, ambitions, and soul plan.

So ask yourself this simple question:

Do I feel safe going for my goals and dreams?

If I had to give up my job, or guaranteed income to get ALIGNED with my desires and purpose would I do it?

The feeling of being able to meet your physical and psychological is the first critical step to being able to build a life based on solid foundations.

If you still have work to do here, and you would like to use an incredible tool to be able to help build and strengthen your first chakra (or chakra for that matter) then stick with this article series….

I’ll announce a special training where you can use a CODE that will reprogram your first chakra to overwrite the survival deficiency established there when you were very young…

Just imagine what this would do to your life….

Click here to visit the Chakra Bio-Restructure page.

Next blog post… Let’s talk about SEX!

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