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An extraordinary opportunity awaits for those in resonance, to join the Himalaya Adventure happening in October this year. Highly recommended for those on the Kriya path who have studied our Portals of Liberation series, but not necessary. Follow your beautiful heart always.

The Himalayas house the crown chakra of the world and are home to the heavenly abode to many enlightened masters. The Himalayas are as old as the Earth itself and were formed from the very beginning of Earth’s seeding of consciousness. Their Divine Presence has been the spiritual centre of the world for aeons of time, and many of the great Avatars and Yogis have been initiated by the Himalayas supreme energy.

Beloved Tiara Kumara and I will be taking 19 Spiritual Initiates on a powerful trekking adventure to be absorbed into the sacred power of the Himalayas in central Nepal. It is here that we will embark on a hiking adventure amidst the splendour of the gigantic Annapurna range, which forms one of the most dramatic and scenic spans of peaks found anywhere in the world.

It would be my great honour to take you back to where these teachings originated on our planet. You will be given a chance to travel to the home of our great Rishi ancestors and connect with the Celestial Mountains.

This is the Initiation of becoming Omnipresent and to emerge yourself into the totality of all that is. Resulting in an unforgettable life experience that will be sure to illuminate your consciousness beyond belief.

To read the itinerary about this exciting Himalayan opportunity CLICK HERE

Now I also want to advise that you will be required to fill out an application to apply for a place on the trip. This adventure is filling fast, and we have already begun confirming positions from the multiple applications that have recently come through.

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If you feel in resonance to this spiritual pilgrimage, because of the path you have been walking with the Rishic teachings coming from Babaji. It will truly be an opportunity of a lifetime to spend time in the sacred lands of the Immortal ones.

With great honour and reverence for your journey thus far, I look forward to meeting you in the Himalayas if the universe makes it so.

In divine reverence for all life



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