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The Guardian Meditation is a CONSCIOUSNESS EXPANDING collaboration between the MYSTICAL Musician Entheo and the Institute’s in-house RISHI Akasha Sananda.

The purpose of the Guardian Meditation is to activate and align you with your highest Divine Self. Allowing you to become a supreme vessel of higher dimensional intelligence. Connecting you with Guardian Consciousness to establish total embodiment with the Law of One and Pure Unconditional Love.

This is an invitation to experience within your consciousness, what it is like to be sanctified and purified with the One Light Source.

And lastly, experiencing what is to be the “Knower of Source” and the “Wayshower to Source.” Remembering the Divine Truth that you are Whole, you are Sovereign, and you are Free. This is the ultimate unification with the Law of One and actualisation of your new energetic reality, here and now.

Be prepared for a journey of quintessence and bliss.

What makes this meditation truly EPIC, is that the music has been attuned to the frequency of the heart, while at the same time being embedded with the Guardian Code of Absolute Source {AS}.

The Codes of AS are Bio-Geometric scalar wave codes that hold holographically imprinted information from Absolute Source (AS) consciousness. AS consciousness is beyond all dimensions within our Unified Source Field. Through the primal sound fields, AS consciousness is then stepped down to dimensions 15, 14 and 13 from the Unified Source Field. This is then translated from fractalized Source light, vibration and frequencies into Bio-Geometric codes.

The AS codes are quantum based in nature, act as living mathematical formulas that serve as holistic healing, clearing and activating agents for Bio-ReGenesis. The AS codes have ultimately have been designed to assist the pathway of Bio-ReGenesis which is the process of genetic liberation and ascension through the dimensional bands of consciousness.

This pathway enables the total embodiment of the one quintessential nature as Source, Sovereign and Selfless throughout all dimensions of consciousness.

The AS Codes were originally accessed by Akasha’s consciousness by utilising the ancient teachings he received from Himalayan Rishis. The state in which theses codes are downloaded from is known as Samadhi. Samadhi is a non-dual state of consciousness where Akasha becomes absorbed into the fabric of the universal truth of creation.

This is a gift from the Insitute of Divine Potential.

Enjoy the Activation and remember, you are the Living Divine Light expressed in form.

With love and infinite blessings


The Institute of Divine Potential
About The Institute of Divine Potential
The Institute of Divine Potential’s mission is to provide spiritual holistic services, programs and certifications for the expansion and transformation of human consciousness. In doing so we aim to assist the process of global ascension through the contribution of ancient wisdom and modern science. Through our educational platform we aim to help humanity to realise it’s own divinity and support people into this realisation through understanding and direct experience.
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