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Now that you have passed the Spring Equinox, what are you doing to support the next evolution of yourself and humanity?

This is a rhetorical question and the reason for my asking is due to the nature of our current season. Spring, not only denotes the change of season, it also indicates the next spiral of transformation needed to spiritually evolve oneself.

If you have completed our DNA ReGenesis program, this does not mean that you have reached the highest evolution of yourself and became an instant Avatar. However, what this does mean is that now your body hologram has been rewired to the 12 Dimensional frequencies, allowing you to tap into this higher dimensional light intelligence more effortlessly than before.

Throughout the spiritual path, we must stay humble by serving humanity and keep embodying our daily spiritual practises, to refine and align oneself with source. All true Masters never stop evolving themselves through source. It is the simple Universal LAW of Evolution which states; all that does not evolve, dies.


In order to keep reaching new evolutionary heights and deeper regions within our being, the 3D identity has to be released and transcended into a new expression of consciousness. This can be done by becoming fully of service to the higher dimensional realms of consciousness.

In this way, you begin to retrain your consciousness to operate at the higher dimensions of light and experience what it is like to be of service to the greater collective whole. 

To fully live in service to your multidimensional self, is to become a vessel for Source to flow through you in total UNICITY and serve the LAW OF ONE.

Many of the aspirants within the Institute of Divine Potential choose to go on and serve as a Guardian of Gaia. This is someone whose vibration, mindset and vision is at the level whereby they are attracting and creating a higher dimensional reality towards themselves and the planet. This not only changes ones life, it propels a movement of consciousness awakening and promoting spiritual sovereignty for all life. 

This level of service is more suited to the ones that feel in resonate with working on the lands energy grids, higher dimensional beings, inter-dimensional life forms, Star Gates and other planetary systems.

In fact, each month all the Guardians of Gaia join together and assemble to perform missions allocated by the Krystic Server. These are always exciting and planned according to what service is needed in the higher realms from the Guardian Alliance, which is like a Galactic council of beings dedicated to the Law of One and service to Divine Plan of our Universal Ascension

If you would like to see a briefing of the most recent Guardian of Gaia mission and what is required to be of service to the higher dimensional realms then follow the link below: 

CLICK HERE for the latest Mission Briefing. 

If you would like to explore further what else these Guardian missions entail and how you can make the next step in evolution then follow the link ~ Guardian of Gaia.

With love and reverence for all life 


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The Institute of Divine Potential’s mission is to provide spiritual holistic services, programs and certifications for the expansion and transformation of human consciousness. In doing so we aim to assist the process of global ascension through the contribution of ancient wisdom and modern science. Through our educational platform we aim to help humanity to realise it’s own divinity and support people into this realisation through understanding and direct experience.
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