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I am excited to announce that this month’s EMPOWERMENT TRANSMISSION of Spiritual Activation & Energy Reprogramming will be focused on a “Crystalline Upgrade” of your operating system.

The ability to hold more light is directly proportionate to the level of crystalline circuitry in the body that sustains itself as pure, uniform essence. This session initiates the building of your expanded crystalline circuitry so that you can be a much stronger crystal resonator.

This is a core activation to help to secure the bridge between your physical self and your vaster creator self. This re-established connection opens the channels for continuous, high-frequency currents to transfer encoded data into your human vehicle.

Tiara, Christof and I are weaving together our combined energy to create a trinity of highly coherent energy for the purposes of accelerating your personal evolution. Our highest intention is to help get you into the new AVATAR operating system.

We have received incredible feedback from the first session of the year “Cellular Regeneration.” We had a record number of people in the group harmonic which created a bountiful experience for all beloved souls that united together.

The EMPOWERMENTS sessions PURPOSE is to support your advancement into greater levels of unified intelligence and open more channels for Higher Self embodiment. At just $33 USD – this is affordable for all beings serious about their spiritual evolution.

CLICK HERE to register for the remote healing packet of plasma light intelligence to be sent to you on Tuesday, March 28.

And if these sessions resonate with your soul’s essence then you can also join the UNIFIED field of intelligence for ten more sessions, including the PARTICLE CONVERGENCE transmission from the KING’S CHAMBER in the Great Pyramid of GIZA for $222 USD.

Follow your intuition.

Love and infinite blessings


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The Institute of Divine Potential’s mission is to provide spiritual holistic services, programs and certifications for the expansion and transformation of human consciousness. In doing so we aim to assist the process of global ascension through the contribution of ancient wisdom and modern science. Through our educational platform we aim to help humanity to realise it’s own divinity and support people into this realisation through understanding and direct experience.
Crystalline Upgrade