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As you may know, recently I was again divinely blessed with a beautiful daughter Aurora. Service duties have been put on a subtle pause while I dedicate time to connecting and deepening my bond with my beautiful family and especially Aurora.

In a couple of weeks, I will return and provide a sharing of my experiences in regards to the LOTUS birth of Aurora, her soul integration process, and my new found passion as a father of two beautiful children.

In the meantime, I would like to take a moment to share and explore how you can transform your life, by reprogramming your consciousness.

The ONLY way to change your EXTERNAL reality is to change your INTERNAL programming!

Your personal hologram functions much in the same way as a COMPUTER OPERATING SYSTEM does. When I say hologram, I am really talking about the totality of your bio-energy field, DNA, biology and consciousness.

It is the interaction of these aspects of yourself that form your personal OPERATING SYSTEM that determines the reflection which is the OUTCOMES in your LIFE. Your OPERATING SYSTEM has been established through your CONDITIONING you received from being born into your family constellation, the programming directly from your parents, the culture you grew up in and society. You are even influenced from past incarnations which carry over unresolved programming and karma from life time to life time.

To align with your SOUL PURPOSE, you need to ensure that your hologram is also energetically aligned and calibrated to unlock the infinite space of the HEART. Remember, find your HEART find your WAY.

A quick sharing on the infinite nature of the heart…

The human heart is the gateway that allows you to access the higher dimensions and is the bridge holding your spiritual energies in combination with your human energies anchored here on earth.  The heart is 500 times more electrically powerful than the brain, and 5000 times more electromagnetically powerful than the brain.  It is truly your power centre which entrains all other biological rhythms in your body and allows one to connect to all dimensions of consciousness.

Now back to your hologram.

What often happens is that you have had to program held in your OPERATING SYSTEM that is not in alignment with your SOUL PURPOSE. You see 99.9% of the operations performed by your OPERATING SYSTEM are at the unconscious level. So at times, we are not even aware that we have misalignments and programming discordances that preventing us from fulfilling our intentions, manifestations and dreams.

rishis-imageThere are programs set up in your hologram which are automatic PROGRAM SCRIPTS that run in a similar way that a computer program runs. When an input comes into the bio-computer (your hologram) the bio-computer automatically matches where it needs to go by making an ASSOCIATION with the incoming data to what is already stored in the data bank (your memory). Once the association is made it is then placed in the appropriate PROGRAM SCRIPT.

This PROGRAM SCRIPT automatically executes a set of responses that are designed by its operational parameters.

Now here is where the challenge for most people comes in.

Due to the nature of as mentioned society, our parents and our past incarnations we can hold IMPRINTED PROGRAMS. Which is a fragmented soul aspect of ourself from the past that is driving our behaviour, reactions, personality and helps develop archetype behaviours that serve the EGO.

The EGO is your deviated behaviours from your divine nature or HIGHER SELF and the space of the infinite HUMAN HEART.

This is what holds you back from unlocking your SOUL PURPOSE.

For example how often have you formulated a plan to IGNITE your ESSENCE such as Spiritual Practice, dieting/fasting or physical expression – you consciously know what to do, the plan is perfect…But for some reason, you unconsciously go out and do the OPPOSITE.

This is your UNCONSCIOUS MIND at work, and the various PROGRAM SCRIPTS creating deviated behaviour away from what your CONSCIOUS MIND wants to do.

Now the ONLY way to correct this is to REWRITE your PROGRAM SCRIPTS by energetically clearing and uninstalling any bugs, glitches, viruses in your OPERATING SYSTEM…

In the next IODP divine archive entry, we will explore how you can do exactly that…




The ONLY way to change your EXTERNAL reality is to change your INTERNAL programming!

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