The complete playbook to create the foundation for the unlocking of the highest aspects of your CONSCIOUSNESS and to reclaim your spiritual SOVEREIGNTY.

The DIVINE KEY FOUNDATIONS are based on spiritual science teachings that have been data streamed from the higher dimensions and have been packaged and programmed into a way you can learn through your hearts intelligence via direct experience.

The DIVINE KEY FOUNDATIONS is the ideal program to help you UNPLUG out of the matrix and see through the veils of illusion to understand the physics of creation and how your MIND-BODY-ENERGY matrix interacts with the Source Intelligence to create and shape your reality.

The DIVINE KEYS FOUNDATIONS is the ultimate personal development program for anyone that is looking to get healthy, expand their consciousness, raise their vibration and start the path to achieve true transformation. It is designed to create the foundations for an accelerated consciousness shift in you for the future alignment with your HIGHER SELF and your SOUL MISSION and to give you the necessary internal coding to be able to complete this without being overwhelmed or stressed out.  

It is a great beginning pathway designed to teach you through direct experience in your life the DIVINE PRINCIPLES and SACRED SCIENCES that you need to embody in your life to navigate this reality and execute and complete what you came here to do at the soul level.

You will explore 3 DIVINE KEYS that will create the foundations to bridge the physical and spiritual dimensions. So you can in the future expand your consciousness to fully embody your highest potentials held as templates in the higher dimensions.


Your will explore the keys of:


You will use these as a  mechanism of exploring your multi-dimensional anatomy and you will uncover how each of these Keys is a portal of consciousness that will allow you to better understand who you are at SOUL LEVEL, WHAT you have come here to do, and HOW you can do this interacting your MIND-BODY-ENERGY triad with the quantum field.

Explore the dimension of being centred, not projecting into the future with your thoughts, or influenced from the past with your thinking, but being fully present anchored into the moment here and now. The dimension of centredness allows one to be calm under pressure and not get caught up into emotional reactions, to respond consciously and clearly to life and event waves that come towards you so you may be calm in the storm of life.

Uncover the cutting edge programming techniques to lead a disease free, and ageless life. Uncover the purification techniques and processes to allow you to be in optimal health and vitality for you and your clients. You will receive resources to be able to live at the highest levels of vitality, explore the key systems of the body and how to manage them so you can increase your personal light quotient and raise your vibration to the highest levels you can safely manage at this time.

Explore the first chakra as an insight into stability in your life, and how the image of external stability of job, relationship, home, are all illusions and the real source of stability in one’s life is internal stability which is held through your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. Being stable is really about having stable thoughts and balanced emotions no matter what events are happening around you. Understand how you need to master your emotions to be stable enough to receive the higher frequencies coming down to the planet at this time.


The program is set up in an energetic container where the group hologram is projected through increasing frequency as the weeks progress linked to the lessons of the KEY. This means that the challenges and lessons of that KEY will directly show up in your life as you navigate the program. This means you will come face to face with your old programs and habits, be triggered by friends, co – workers and family. You will then be coached how to transcend these challenges and thus rewrite your programming so you can create a better reality. This program is only for people SERIOUS about making true lasting lifelong change. Please do not apply if you want a quick fix or just want to be passive and receive healing. To make real progress and transfigure your limiting patterns you need to actively explore yourself from the deepest levels.


Each week you will receive clearings and activations that are designed to steadily raise your vibration by clearing your Bio-Energy Field, Karma, and DNA template. This is a journey of healing and facilitation so please allow space for yourself to integrate each KEY.

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Divine Keys {Full Program} Participant Sharing

IODP Founders

Akasha SanandaAkasha Sananda

Akasha Sananda is a Founder of the Institute of Divine Potential and has fully dedicated his life to the service of humanities self-realisation and the sovereignty of our planet’s consciousness. As a Spiritual Luminary, his purpose is to humbly serve as a vessel, in assisting the awakening of humankind’s divine potential and actualisation of unity consciousness.

Known as an Alchemist, Akasha has learnt from Himalayan Rishis and Kriya Masters the Ancient Alchemy of Spiritual Liberation. This is a lost yogic science that teaches the divine pathway of spiritual immortality. He has only recently been given dispensation to share this primordial wisdom to support the aeon that our species, planet and universe is currently in.

To further contribute and assist humanities awakening and return to the world’s divine nature, Akasha is designing and producing sacred codes entailing multidimensional geometries. He receives these codes while in transcendent states of meditation and then creates pieces of art from these experiences. These art pieces are known as the Codes of Absolute Source.

These Codes of Absolute Source hold holographically imprinted information utilising the language of the Universe, this being sound, vibration and light. Through the union-ship of these multidimensional geometries and the universal language, each Code is a living intelligence that is used for powerful, yet simple energetic alignments, activations and transformation for all sentient life.

The Codes of Absolute Source have inspired a growing movement, where thousands of people around the world have been utilising these Codes and spiritual techniques architected by The Institute of Divine Potential. The intention of this growing movement is to transcend the self-made limitations of human programming and to assist the rising of our planet’s vibration and expansion of consciousness.

Through Akasha’s shared vision for the Institute of Divine Potential may we come together as one, to Realise our sovereignty, Actualise our unity and Liberate our consciousness into Universal Love.

Christof MelchizedekChristof Melchizedek

Is loving husband and dedicated father of two. Christof is passionate about family and the formulating of the conscious community as being the face and agent of change for our planet.  He is passionate about the evolution of our children’s consciousness and the way parents and communities can influence and shape their children’s life and future generations through living in alignment with spiritual principle and divine law.

As founder of the Institute of Divine Potential Christof Melchizedek serves by Architecting education that focuses on expanding consciousness and the creation of live experiences that create highly expanded soul evolution and treasured lifelong memories.

His background degrees in Psychology, Physical Education and Brennan Healing Science. Combined with extensive experience in the shamanic healing arts, and direct streaming from the Source. Have allowed a beautiful blend of the arts and science of spirituality and consciousness.

His deep comprehension of the Life Sciences of quantum physics, wave-genetics, epic-genetics, astrobiology, and quantum biology create the much-needed bridge between spiritual principle and scientific revelation. This understanding is translated in many of the Institute of Divine Potentials education, certifications and live experiences.

Christof’s mission and life work are dedicated to the spiritual sovereignty and evolution of our planet and species.  He believes we are living in exciting times of change and transformation and anyone dedicated to expanding their consciousness can achieve remarkable things in a relatively short space of time when given the right direction combined with the right community support.

His intention behind Institute of Divine Potential was to create a safe container for individuals to join the community of like hearts and minds who can support each other while integrating spiritual truth and understanding into their personal, family, working and business life. So that together we transform our community and our planet.

Divine Key Foundations...

Please invest in this program if you resonate with the accelerated development of your evolutionary abilities and service to humanity.

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